Tibets Timeless Tantric Traditions – 2010

After spending time with the Gyuto Monks of Tibet at Bondi Pavilion in December 2008, I was drawn to delve deeper into the life and practices of this unique tantric monastery which plays such an important role in the Dalai Lama’s own Gelug lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. These photographs are the result.

          TibetsTimless_1           TibetsTimless_2           TibetsTimless_3           TibetsTimless_4           TibetsTimless_5           TibetsTimless_6           TibetsTimless_7           TibetsTimless_8           TibetsTimless_9           TibetsTimless_10           TibetsTimless_11           TibetsTimless_12           TibetsTimless_13           TibetsTimless_14           TibetsTimless_15           TibetsTimless_16           TibetsTimless_17