In the Studio – 2012

The strength of the studio shots of the monks lies in drawing out the individual behind the robe. Monastic life is very much about letting go of one’s identity or ego and submitting to the commonality of the dress and the routine. I have had the privilege of getting to know the monks and was surprised to learn that far from losing themselves, their individuality is as strong and as vibrant as ever. From outside we see an ocean of maroon robes, shaved heads and 500 voices chanting in unison, but each are engaged in an intensely personal journey.

          Tobi_InTheStudio_1           Tobi_InTheStudio_2           Tobi_InTheStudio_3           Tobi_InTheStudio_4           Tobi_InTheStudio_5           Tobi_InTheStudio_6           Tobi_InTheStudio_7           Tobi_InTheStudio_8           Tobi_InTheStudio_9           Tobi_InTheStudio_10           Tobi_InTheStudio_11           Tobi_InTheStudio_12           Tobi_InTheStudio_13           Tobi_InTheStudio_14           Tobi_InTheStudio_16